Monday, April 26, 2010

Good days and bad

Today's tally:

1 angry coworker, yelling at me first thing this morning for something I was not guilty of, followed by some vaguely conciliatory gestures but no real apology.

4 lovely emails from friends containing kind remarks about this blog.

1 extraordinarily nice compliment from an old man, a fireman long retired, who sells me an ad once a year for his county search-and-rescue team's annual fundraiser. (I've never met him in person, but we chat on the phone every year, and his voice and his gentleness are all Hal Holbrook. His kind words today made me glow.)

And yet, so drained was I from the early confrontation that my initial feeling was I'd had a bad day.

Clearly, I need to change my focus -- and revise my calculations.

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