Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Blame it on the wind

Remember when we were kids and dandelions meant, 

  not a blight on our perfect suburban lawns,

but an opportunity for wishing? 

Go ahead, make a wish and blow the seeds away, just this once.

And when all those dandelions come up next year it will be, not defeat, but a proliferation of wishes.
(Just don't tell the neighbors it was you.)

What are you wishing for?


  1. I'm going to try wishing on behalf of other people for a change:
    1. I wish one of my mom's beloved orchids would finally bloom.
    2. I wish my student D.S. would get the financial aid he needs to go to college.
    3. I wish George Martin would hurry up and publish the next volume in "Song of Fire and Ice." OK, that one's for me....

  2. Once when our kids were smaller, we were out for a walk and came upon a field covered in dandelions. "Look!" our daughter exclaimed excitedly. "There's enough for EVERYBODY!"